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Welcome to HuntinWeatherRetrievers and Kennels website, the internet home of Hunting Retriever Champion Sir Sterling of Grand Lake (Sterling)
and also the home of Hunting Retriever Champion Black Diamond in the Ruff (D).  These dogs come from well known hunting lines and champions of all sorts.  Look for future litters of hunting and retrieving labradors from these two outstanding retrievers.

How we came about:

As a young boy I remember my dad's chocolate lab named Pup.  He used to work her in the pasture below the house.  Then set in the drought of the 80's for water and ducks.  It was not until 1990 that my dad got back to duck hunting and a few years after that my first dog training experience happened.  We had a half lab/half German shepard that I coaxed into retrieving ducks.  Not long after that, my dad bought our first family labrador.  This dog was later trained by Omar Driskill's
Grandlake Lodge and Kennels that was then located on the edge of our farm in southeast Arkansas which is part of the Mississippi Delta.  Omar is one of the forefathers of the Hunting Retriever Club and was the first president of the Hunting Retriever Club.  This is where I first learned of force fetch and got to watch a dog being handled by one of the greats. 

Where we are located:(we make several trips a year for your convenience through Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas)(HuntinWeather Retrievers has a location/landing point in San Angelo, TX and can meet in many places along I-10 and I-20)

HuntinWeather Kennels primary facility is located on Grand Lake south of Eudora, AR.  HWR has access to many acres of land and water to work and train dogs for hunting dove, ducks, geese, or even sandhill cranes.


Early puppy training--age 7 weeks to 5 months.  More and more trainers are offering early puppy training.  The benefits include but are not limited to: better obedience, earlier finish time of overall training, less development of bad habits.  This early puppy training program can be especially handy to one who wants a serious gun dog and wants to skip the puppy at home part.  There will still be plenty of time to bond with your dog after training is complete. 

Full-time Retriever Training(Gundog training)-Age 5 months and up.....All of our programs start with basic obedience.  Dogs will be taught "sit", "here", "heel", "place",and "kennel".  In these "basic" commands lies the basis of what the dog will do in his hunting life.  Go, stop, come,  and---of course, RETRIEVE and that should be bred into the dog but we also teach the conditioned retrieve(also known as force fetch).  Once the dog is through obedience we teach the dog to "hold" the bird and then we teach the dog to "fetch" on command.  The force fetch is also the "impetus" that gets the dog going for blind retrieves.

In Short--What We Offer
Started Dog Program-
Basic obedience, gun breaking, intro to birds and decoys, basic marking(shotgun range), conditioned retrieve(force fetch) at the end of this time your dog should be steady to the gun, mark a shot bird, deliver the bird to hand.

Transition/Finished Dogs--
Dogs will have completed the started dog program to move into the transition and finished dog training.  After force fetch, we start with force to pile,(this builds into the dog going on a blind retrieve where he did not see a bird fall) more marking, and hand signal drills.  At the end of this training-the dog should be able to mark multiple falls, and run blind retrieves(go to a bird that was not seen).  Dog would also be ready to run Seasoned Hunt Tests.

We also run HRC hunt tests, call or email for more details.

I like to barter or trade, please email to discuss.

Application Form & Contract--By filling this out you are under contractual agreement.

This agreement is between HuntinWeather Retrievers c/o Jacob Rankin and you. (The Client)
For the purpose of training and having trained the client’s retriever for obedience and or gun
dog/hunt test purposes.
Client agrees to vaccinate or have vaccinated his/her retriever for the following canine
diseases before placement in the training program.
Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Canine Parvovirus,
Leptospira canicola,and L. icterohaemorrhagia and Respiratory Disease caused
by Canine Adenovirus Type 2 and Parainfluenza.
And Rabies.
Client agrees to provide or to pay for the administration of monthly heartworm
preventive medication.
Client agrees to provide or pay for the administration of monthly flea, tick, and mosquito
preventive medication.
Client agrees to cover any and all expenses related to emergency and or routine
veterinary visits required for client’s retriever while under the care of HuntinWeather Retrievers.
The first payment is due when the dog is received. Monthly payments are expected and client agrees to comply with monthly payment by the 5th of each month.  By filling out this form you agree that success of your dog is not guaranteed, dogs can get hurt or lose their lives in unpredictable circumstances, and; in no way, will the client hold HuntinWeather Retrievers and Jacob Rankin responsible for injury, loss of life, or lack of results from training the client's dog.

Application Form & Contract--By filling this out you are under contractual agreement.
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HWR Items

No place to hunt?  Check out HuntingWeather Outfitters.  Call about our offers for ducks, dove, deer, turkeys and exotics.  Call 325-262-1713 or email:


Dove hunt with HuntingWeather Outfitters

Dove Hunting with Trained Labs is GREAT!!!
Jacob Rankin

About the trainer.
Jacob Rankin has been duck hunting for 25 seasons and has used dogs for 23 of those seasons.  He knows what qualities a hunter would want in a duck dog.  HuntinWeather Retrievers is a retriever training facility, with a full-time retriever trainer...During high school, Jacob guided waterfowlers in Arkansas and Mississippi and after college guided deer hunts, turkey hunts, dove hunters and waterfowlers in Texas.  Jacob holds a degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University and spent 7 years in the broadcasting business, 5 of those years he was the chief meteorologist at KSAN in San Angelo, TX.  Jacob is also a Legacy Greenwing in Ducks Unlimited and past chairman of the Concho Valley Chapter of Ducks Unlimited.
Hunting Retriever Champion, Hunting Retriever, Duck Blind, HuntinWeather Retrievers Trainer
In the duck blind, Jacob and son.
In front of the blind, HRCH Sir Sterling of Grand Lake, HRCH Black Diamond in the Ruff,
and HRCH Sterling's #1 Lead Shot.(left to right)

NEWS---3-6-15--Puppies available!!!  HRCH Black Diamond in the Ruff and Dream Chaser IV.  Chase is a very nice yellow male, he will be campaigned this spring in HRC seasoned hunt tests. 

10-22-13--Puppies out of HRCH Black Diamond in the Ruff and FC/AFC Yellowstone's TNT Explosion are on the ground!!

10-22-13--Started black male and started black female for sale-  both parents are Hunting Retriever Champions for both dogs.  More info on the pups page.

New Litter!  Available May 2013!  Sterling x D

10-10-11--We are proud to announce that Sterling's #1 Lead Shot has earned his HRCH title!!!

6-9-11--HuntinWeather Retrievers has a new logo and now we are on Facebook.  Tell us what you think of the logo.  Click here.

Sept. 11th, 2010
D has earned her Hunting Retriever Champion title!  She did it in 4 passes.

July 22, 2010
D and Lead both received passes at Arkansas Valley HRC in Lamar, Colorado.

Dec. 15th, 2009
Here is a video of the last pup to go from Sterling and D's litter.



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